Up with People

Performance in Corn Market Square, Belfast
Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1981

25th Anniversary of Up with People, July 25-29, 1990
25th Anniversary Celebration

Cast of Up with People in Estonia
Cast of Up with People in Estonia

About the Up with People Digital Collection

The Up with People Archive collection presents a selection of 100 photographs and programs documenting the history of Up with People from the mid 1960's to the 1990s. Founded by J. Blanton Belk in 1965, Up with People is an international educational leadership organization focused on creating global understanding through performance and service with its headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Up with People was headquartered in Tucson, Arizona from its founding until the mid-1990s with the University of Arizona used for many years for the staging of new cast members. The Up with People Archive, located in Special Collections at the University of Arizona Libraries, contains an array of material from photographs, print publications and records to scores, musical arrangements and programs.

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