Morris K. Udall Papers

At the US Capitol Building
At the US Capitol

Udall in Army uniform
Udall in US Army uniform

About Morris K. Udall Papers

All of the photographic material found in this digital collection has been digitized from original photographs found in the Morris K. Udall Papers (MS 325) at the University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections.


At a campaign stop in El Paso
Udall's campaign in El Paso

Morris K. Udall was an Arizona Congressmen who served as a U.S Representative for District 2 from 1961-1991. While serving in the House of Representatives for three decades, Morris also ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1976. Morris became one of the most productive and successful legislators in creating new policy at a local and federal level. His focus primarily when creating policies dealt with Native Americans, the environment, reform and civil rights. Through his sense of humor, Udall was able to develop great relationships inside and outside of Washington that provided him with an advantage to passing legislation.

This digital collection was created to present the papers and photographs of the Morris K. Udall Papers (MS 325) that are housed by the University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections. The material will provide the user with a sample of photographic images and papers we have within this collection as well as represent Morris K. Udall and his life during his time inside and outside of Congress.